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Sustainability lasts the longest

Leather is a beautiful and sustainable natural product. A chair or sofa with leather upholstery can sometimes last for generations. Moreover, the production process of leather is significantly cleaner compared to that of alternative upholstery materials for furniture. Another important aspect for a sustainable future is the fact that we, as a leather manufacturer, are solving the ‘waste’ problem of the meat industry. Our way of doing this is to give skins a second life in the form of a high-quality end product.

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Our sustainability approach

Ad Hulst wants to be a positive example for the industry. It’s our ambition to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. That’s why we are always exploring new ways to keep improving our logistics and business and production processes. By doing so, we can reduce, among other things, our CO2 emissions and our use of energy, water and chemicals.

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Our hides travel a long way before they reach their final destination. Being able to transport large volumes at the same time, however, means that the environmental impact is low.

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Certification and quality marks

Ad Hulst complies with the strictest requirements in terms of working conditions and the environment. Not only do we set high standards for ourselves, we expect the same high level of quality from our partners. We have the following quality marks and certifications:

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