Expert in the production of furniture leather for more than 45 years

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Passion for leather since 1977

Ad Hulst started in 1977 in Brabant, the southern province where the Dutch leather industry began. The love for leather, a fascinating natural product, has always been present and will never fade.
In the heart of De Langstraat – the region where Ad Hulst is still located – the company developed into a household name in the furniture industry. These days, Ad Hulst has contacts all over the world as a leather manufacturer.

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This is how Ad Hulst works

We attach great value to the quality of our furniture leather. That is why our quality controllers supervise the production process from start to finish so that you always receive a top-quality end product. Because we produce large volumes, our prices are also very competitive. In addition, our entire collection is available directly from stock.

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Passion for leather since 1977
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Unique customised leather concept
Speed and flexibility

Ad Hulst stands for quality

Manufacturing furniture leather is a complex process with many risks. Thanks to our expert and experienced quality controls, at all stages of the production process, we ensure that every type of leather meets the highest quality standards. You can always count on a high level of quality.

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